About Us

About Us

Jody started the amazingly popular Stay at Home Mum Facebook page and website back in 2011, along with Husband Brendan Allen and Socials expert Nicole Millard. It grew incredibly quickly and because of this they decided to create a business that the could grow and actually earn money from. 

The last seven years has been a huge learning curve for us, as we learned everything we know about running an online business from just doing it ourselves, through doing the hard yards, learning from our mistakes and trying everything we could think of to see what worked. And we have been successful! We now have a busy website and social media channels, and Jody is a regular on TV shows and radio,plus she has written 4 books (with more to come!)

Not a day goes by that we don’t receive an email, a message, a phone call or just someone stopping us on the street, asking us how we do what we do, how we started, and if we could help others to do that too.

This is the reason for us starting Online Business for Mums. We really do want to share our experiences and knowledge, and we also want a place for you all to be able to come and ask questions, support each other in your journeys with your online businesses, and motivate and encourage each other. This is a place where we will all “get” each other!